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About Warrior Cats UK Store

Welcome to the official Warrior Cats UK store, home of official Warrior Cats product for all Warrior Cat fans. Our dedicated store features all six clan collections, RiverClan, WindClan, ThunderClan, SkyClan, ShadowClan and StarClan.

Grab your favourite book, go to your favourite reading place, and enhance the experience with all things Warrior Cats, from a cosy cushion and super soft plush cat to a clan bookmark for where you left off.

Which cat and characteristics are you most drawn to? Enter the world of feline to discover what each clan has to offer...and if you're a Super Fan, you're sure to find those exclusive gifts right here.



About Event Merchandising Ltd

This official Warrior Cats UK store is operated by Event Merchandising Ltd, a leading company in online web-store development and digital marketing, which has been established for more than 35 years.

Event Merchandising prides itself in the creative development of personalised print on demand product, bespoke merchandise and licensed product. It is the home to official merchandise for live events and bespoke corporate requirements, and works in partnership with some of the world’s most recognised brands.

Event Merchandising is working on behalf of Warrior Cats for the manufacture and fulfilment of product on this official online store and it’s customer service. Please be assured all products are produced to a high quality and can be ordered securely in the best interests of our customers.