Warriors Power Of Three Box Set Books

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Warriors Power Of Three Box Set Books. Volume 1-6.

This box set contains all six volumes in Erin Hunter's third Warriors series, and is ideal for both loyal Erin Hunter fans and newcomers to the Warriors universe.

For many moons, the wild cat Clans have lived in peace and harmony, but now mysterious warnings from their warrior ancestors foretell a dreadful new prediction and an unknown enemy.

The moment has come for Hollypaw, Jawpaw, and Lionpaw, three young ThunderClan cats, to become apprentices. They are the great-grandchildren of the legendary leader Firestar, and they wield extraordinary strength and talent. However, they are surrounded by secrets and uncertainty, and a cryptic prophecy predicts trouble. The fate of the warrior code is in the paws of these three apprentices, and they will need all of their power to survive and succeed.

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